Alison Schockner


I've been making fiber art since childhood, when my maternal grandmother taught me how to sew on a Singer Featherweight.  


My paternal grandmother taught me how to crochet, and somewhere along the line, I learned to knit.   Fabrics, yarn, paper, paint, wood, metal and anything recyclable is fair game.


Add to the mix many decades of feng shui consulting and meditation teaching, and altered altars and feng shui related artwork was born.


​I exhibit at local shows in the San Antonio, Texas area and participate in the annual On-Off Fred Road Artist Tour.


Check events to see where I'll be showing next.

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Fiesta Open House - Friday, April 26, 1-7pm and Saturday 10-5.

Not able to do King William this year because of health reasons, so I'll have all my fiesta garb and other things at my house. 537 Fulton Ave. 78212. I'm on the way downtown, so stop in on your way to the fair!

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